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What is the difference between your tomato varieties?

We cultivate several varieties of tomatoes, but we employ the same approach.

Our production consists of bulk tomatoes that we’ve dubbed “mamas.” Resembling and tasting similar to heirloom tomatoes, these varieties are derived from seeds that are still too young to be classified as heirlooms according to agricultural criteria; the seeds must have been introduced to the market over 50 years ago to qualify. Tempting, juicy, and delightful to the palate, the mamas come in various types, all sharing a unique flavour.

The family grew up with the little multicoloured tomatoes that we nicknamed  “petites cousines”. They stand out due to their small size and are usually presented in an attractive cardboard tray that ensures their preservation is reusable and compostable. Derived from carefully selected seeds for their exceptional flavour and taste, they will captivate you with their uniqueness.

Our approach involves sustainable farming, integrated pest management with our insect allies, minimal pesticide use except in cases of necessity, addition of mineral fertilizers, and efforts to combat food waste. Our tomatoes are harvested at peak ripeness and lovingly transported to their destination, ending up in their finest presentation on your plate.

What is an original tomato?

Resembling and tasting like heirloom tomatoes, our original tomatoes come from seeds too young to be classified as an heirloom based on agricultural criteria; the seeds are therefore less than forty years old or do not predate 1950.

Demystifying the hybrid tomato.

Why cultivate greenhouse tomatoes year-round in Quebec?

To take care of yourself by buying local.

That’s the reason we launched this ambitious project since 2014!

Our tomatoes grown here, year-round, for the people here and the local economy, are above all a choice that was close to our hearts. But we were determined to offer you the best.

Did you know that when you buy local fruits and vegetables, you’re opting for foods with higher nutritional value than those that ripen during transportation or in refrigerators? Our tomatoes arrive at the stores 24 to 48 hours after being picked. The imported tomatoes are picked prematurely and spend 12 to 14 days in a truck before reaching you.

Furthermore, by buying local, you support the practices of sustainable farming that we apply. In summary: optimizing yield by controlling the quantities of inputs used while considering the protection of the environment, health, and well-being of all stakeholders in our processes.

You are more familiar with labour standards and quality requirements that are necessary in our region, as well as the challenges related to climate, energy resources, and responsible consumption.

Learn more about our ecological approach.

Why are the small multicoloured tomatoes packaged?

Our “ petites cousines”, as we like to call them, are packaged in a tray made of recycled cardboard produced in Quebec because, given their size, it was the most sensible thing to do! In fact:

In fact

We designed and produced this packaging with the intention of offering a discovery box to our customers, while considering ergonomics and container reusability.

Unlike tomatoes (small and medium-sized), which are mostly sold in plastic packaging, our small tomatoes, the ones we’ve nicknamed “petites cousines”, are protected from impacts during their transportation in a cardboard tray that allows for better preservation once they arrive home.

We opted for recycled cardboard and biodegradable inks to make it all compostable.

Furthermore, the unique labelling (the small sticker with the product code) is located on the packaging, not on each tomato. It’s more logical.

As a bonus, you’ll find recipes printed on the packaging.
You have to admit, it’s well thought out!

Did you know that our largest tomatoes, the mamas, are sold in bulk?

Why are tomaté! tomatoes slightly more expensive?

The price is influenced by the cherished values of tomaté!:

Quality — Performance — Pleasure — Well-being — Authenticity

Our original varieties are chosen with great care for their taste. We prioritize varieties in which flavour and freshness take precedence over everything else. From the selection of seeds to the care provided during cultivation, from delivery to the moment of tasting, quality is our priority. This explains the price: harvesting at the last moment and lower yields compared to standard varieties, a conscientious selection to ensure impeccable quality.

Year-round greenhouse tomato cultivation in Quebec demands agility and perseverance. Being profitable and ensuring the longevity of our business requires even more expertise. The price reflects all our combined efforts.

The price also reveals our commitment to bring the best-tasting tomatoes to the market year-round. Those that provide instant satisfaction from the first bite. Those bursting with flavours and inspiring the finest recipes. Those that have that delightful “come back for more” taste!

Our concern for promoting healthy eating and well-being, for both our employees and our customers, is genuine and requires our full attention. And as it’s often said, “When you love something, you don’t count the cost.”

Finally, we choose to communicate all the reasons and motivations surrounding our business to share not just our passion for tomatoes, but our dedication. Authenticity has no price for us.

Learn more about our values.

When will your tomatoes be back?

Our tomatoes are available in stores 365 days a year, since January 2023!

points of sale

How to find your tomatoes in store?

Each of our delicious bulk tomatoes has a colourful sticker with the word “TOMATO” on it. Our smaller-sized tomatoes, the little cousins, are easily identifiable in their recycled cardboard tray.

Where to buy tomaté! tomatoes?

Feel free to ask for them from your favorite grocer! You will find our tasty tomatoes at the following points of sale:

  • IGA
  • Adonis
  • Fermes LUFA
  • Ferme Sauriol
  • Canadawide
  • Courchesne Larose
  • Racine petits fruits
  • And several other
    small merchants!

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How to get tomaté! tomatoes at the grocery store?

Feel free to ask for them from your favorite grocer!

We work with many retailers and are always open to expanding our collaborations. The best way is to ask your grocer and contact us by writing here:

our greenhouses

Where are tomaté!’s greenhouses?

Our greenhouses are located in St-Damase in Montérégie. However, our facilities are not designed to accommodate the public. You have to buy our tomatoes at one of your retailers.

Could I buy your tomatoes at your location?

Unfortunately no. All of our time is taken up with growing, picking and shipping our tomatoes as soon as possible.

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I would like to work for tomaté!

If you are a foreign worker, please note that we work exclusively with agencies and it is therefore not possible to apply directly.

If not, we would be pleased to consider your application: