When it comes to choosing tomatoes at the grocery store, consumers are spoiled with choices. That’s why our team of passionate people has made it their mission to produce the quintessential tomatoes. These carefully selected tomatoes are hybrid tomatoes of ancestral type. As for many it is a mystery, we thought we would demystify it for you.

What is a hybrid tomato?

The hybrid tomato is a tomato resulting from crossing two varieties of tomatoes, as are most tomatoes on the market. The purpose of hybridization is to create a tomato that will incorporate the best characteristics of both varieties and we are not talking about a genetically modified organism (GMO)* at all. Hybridization has always existed in nature.

The Lazy Gardener Larry Hodgson, for example, who has inspired many gardeners, explains this hybridization process in one of his articles. You can even try it at home! At Tomaté, to ensure that we choose the best varieties for our greenhouses and for our customers, we use professional seed growers. These experts have an excellent knowledge of tomatoes and offer us varieties that meet our values and selection criterias.

Our priority is to grow tomatoes with exceptional taste and we do not compromise on flavor. Every year, we are on the lookout for new varieties to enrich our selection. This is why we can offer you unique tomatoes such as La Charmeuse, Rosita, La Reine de Coeur, La Potelée and many others. When you taste one of our tomatoes, it’s like biting into the best of summer, even during winter!

What makes a good tomato

Although the variety of tomato chosen is very important, several factors also influence the result on your plate, including how the plants are grown and when they are harvested. In collaboration with our agronomists, we practice sustainable agriculture which is based on prevention, we only intervene in case of extreme emergency. Our tomatoes ripen on the plant and are picked just when they are at their best, allowing us to offer you an exceptional experience every time. We are proud to let you taste the Tomaté difference!

*In Quebec, only corn and soybeans are sometimes found in GMOs.