Integrated farming : agricultural (farming) common sense

What does integrated farming and integrated pest control have in common? Let’s take a moment to break it down together. Integrated farming is an agricultural technique focused on prevention. We can lessen the impact of agricultural activities on the environment and on people’s health by limiting the use of pesticides upstream. We protect our plants from disease and harmful invaders by collaborating with an agronomist who inspects our plants on a regular basis to guarantee that they are not lacking.

Integrated Pest Control (IPC) is the idea of being inspired by nature by introducing, for example, helpful insects to eradicate those who are harmful to the tomato. Pampering our plants with numerous attentions and small daily care allows us to produce healthy tomatoes. As a result, delectable, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables are grown. It goes without saying that these concepts not only rhyme with Tomaté! but they are, also, an essential part of the quality we want to share with you.


Life cycle of our tomatoes