They decided to join forces in 2012 when they took over the family land. They each have well-defined roles and responsibilities at Tomaté!


With a singular talent for the art of marketing and an innate taste for the beautiful and the good, Judith is in charge of the brand aspect of the company. With finesse and expertise, she develops partnerships with retailers, and looks after the customer service and quality control team with great care. She also carries out a myriad of tasks such as general management and administration, overseeing sales, marketing and finance. Her bright and dynamic personality allows her to rally all her collaborators to the Tomaté! project.


Dominic is the real conductor of the Tomaté field team! A graduate of the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce, he coordinates the pickings, facilitates the packaging process and ensures the freshness and quality of the tomatoes. He is also in charge of the company’s general administration and finances. The green thumb of the company, Dominic is both a dreamer and a visionary, curious and eager to innovate. He continually seeks to develop his knowledge of agricultural practices and cutting-edge technologies in order to ensure the yield of the greenhouses while reducing energy consumption.




It is a team of roughly 20 people who combine their abilities with Judith and Dominic’s.


Originally from Guatemala, Augusto has worked with us for almost 10 years. He is our production team leader and the person on whom Judith and Dominic rely when it comes to hiring new employees.


Cathie works closely with Denise. She manages inventory, coordinates supply, and ensures the right orders are delivered to the appropriate places. She also works behind the scenes to help out with our invoicing and accounting operations.


The world of figures holds no secrets for Chantal, who looks after the finances at Tomaté! Rigour and accuracy are the watchwords of our accounting clerk.


Denise is our quality guardian in charge of packaging operations and customer orders. She ensures that each box has the right number of tomatoes and that each one meets Tomaté!’s rigorous standards!


Eliseo, one of our team's latest additions, has been working with us since 2021. He is another of Augusto’s nephews. His role is to care for the plants while they are growing, and he also lends a hand during the packaging process.


Enrique has been a part of the team since 2014, and he is responsible for maintaining production and ensuring the plants have all they need to grow properly.


Hard-working and conscientious, Fernando takes the care of the plants and all the tasks entrusted to him to heart. He joins the Tomaté! team in 2022.


The family spirit is present at Tomaté! Perhaps that's why there are siblings in the team. Hugo is Eliseo's brother, with us for the first year. He takes care of the plants and helps with the packaging.


This is Javier's first year with our team. Agile and handy, Javier looks after the plants with care and meticulousness.


Production Supervisor, Jesse oversees the Tomaté! team at all stages of production in the greenhouses. He is responsible for collecting irrigation and cultural data, as well as monitoring for diseases and insects, with the help of our agronomist.


Jose, Augusto’s nephew, joined the Tomaté! team more recently, in 2020. Once the tomato farming season is complete, he works on both production and packaging.


Augusto’s son, Melser, join the team in 2021, together with his cousin Eliseo. He also works on caring for the tomatoes and helps with distribution.


Like Jose, Noe has worked with the team since 2020. He has a similar function there; maintaining the plants as well as assisting in the packaging of tomatoes.


Roger ensures the delivery of our tomatoes to each of our distributors. He can also lend us a hand if needed.