The Queen of Hearts

Dense and juicy
Once picked, store at room temperature for about 20 days
Dark red, fire truck colour
Exotic, tropical fruits
Fruity and tomatoey, slightly more acidic than fruity


This original type tomato is a true natural treasure. With a stunning dark fire truck red colour, it stands out mainly for its round shape, with rounded curves and a heart-shaped pointy bottom! It’s simple to see where the inspiration for its moniker came from… It is also heavy, like the Rosita, which promises a meaty, thick and juicy tomato. And it does, indeed, lead to a full and generous heart.


Its unique aroma is surprisingly similar to passion fruit and its distinct flavour is fruity and tomatoey, somewhat acidic rather than sweet. It is certainly a tomato to discover!


We can imagine it as bruschetta, mixed with a tropical fruit like mango or melon, with some lemon herb. Layered on a toasted crust, it’s a real treat. It’s also THE tomato to slice and display on a plate, simply drizzled with vinaigrette. A refreshing side dish for a tasty barbecue.

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