Tomaté! greenhouses are built around flavour, and every move we make enriches the sensory experience from bite to bite. While our tomatoes come in all shapes and colours, they have one thing in common: an unmistakable taste. “Tomaté! wishes to convey its love for the tomato and its culture to improve the quality and flavour of food.” Every year, we plant new varieties of original tomatoes to undertake multiple flavour testing. Only the plants that fulfil our standards will be kept for production.

Quick peek into Tomaté!’s colourful plates and their vision of a savoury tomato.

tomates originelles

Our tomato varieties are more delicate than the traditional tomato, therefore extra care is required. Techniques, such as grafting, increase disease resistance and add to the distinct flavour sought by Tomaté! This technique consists of grafting the best root system known as rootstock, to the best upper portion, known as scion. We naturally develop stronger and tastier tomatoes after breeding, ready to ‘wow’ your taste buds! 

Grafting results in bigger roots on average, which translates into greater water and nutrient absorption from the soil. This enhances the nutritional value of the tomatoes while improving the flavour experience on your plate. We’re confident you’ll devour it in one bite!


Join us as we explore the innovative flavour of a ‘tomatoey’ dinner with fragrant tomatoes, scrumptious texture, and an unmatched sensory experience.