The love of the soil is stirring more and more Quebecers’ hearts, and many are taking up gardening. Whether it’s starting a balcony garden or something much more ambitious, tomatoes frequently find their way into gardening projects thanks to their wonderful taste and undeniable versatility. In theory, it seems like such a simple pastime, but it can take on a whole new meaning… and we’re not just talking about the delightful colours of the tomato. Here are some tips to help you with your own project.

Judith and Dominic offer their best tips for growing tomatoes successfully at home.

Tomatoes need significantly less water on a cloudy day

When it’s time to water your plants, it is critical to be conscious of the outdoor temperature. On a gloomy day, a tomato plant may demand up to four times less water than it requires on a warm, sunny day.

Water temperature can affect the root’s absorption ability

The water should be approximately 18 degrees Celsius, neither too hot nor too cold. The proper temperature will aid the roots in absorbing the water they get. A plant that receives the proper quantity of water and nutriments will produce tomatoes that are higher in vitamins and minerals.

Cut some leaves and prune your clusters

Although the right amount of water and light will have a significant influence on the growth of your plants, don’t forget to properly oxygenate them. Cutting a few leaves off the bottom of a tomato plant encourages aeration, which helps the plant stay healthy. Fruit clusters can be lightly pruned to maintain a proper balance throughout their growth.

Maintain a decent space between each plant

If you are growing more than one plant, leave approximately 21 inches between all of them. This will be beneficial for their development, and you’ll end up getting more with less.

Give the right nutriments

Your tomato plants require plenty of water, sunlight, but also nutrients. To produce attractive fruits and a robust tomato plant, mineral or organic components paired with a high supply of calcium is required.