Tomaté! gives you some advice to enlighten your way of consuming.

Responsible consumption is a growing concern among Quebecers, and it is a key value at Tomaté greenhouses! From the ground to the packaging, we are devoted to providing high-quality fruit with little environmental effect. Here are five pointers to help you consume in a positive way.

1. Choose quality foods

A responsibly produced meal will be full of nutrients, requiring you to consume less. Consuming less means producing less and giving Mother Nature more time to regenerate.

2. Eat local as much as you can

Buying local products, cuts down on transportation time and lowers your carbon footprint. You also guarantee that you are not consuming produce that has been ripening in a truck, away from the sun’s rays and nutriments, necessary for healthy ripening.


3. Choose the right packaging

Some foods can be kept for up to 3 to 10 days longer if they are packaged. As a result, certain items require packaging. Buying items with less packaging – that are also biodegradable or recyclable – allows you to keep food longer, while also helping to protect our lovely blue planet.


4. Eat more fruits and veggies

A single kilogram of red meat creates more than 30 kg of CO2, but the same amount of fruits and vegetables produces less than 0.1 kg of CO2. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables will improve both your body and the environment.

5. Buy from companies who do their part for the environment

As consumers, doing research on the things we buy, helps us to make an informed decision and pick companies who care about the environment.


Finally, consumption should be everyone’s concern. Learn more about where your products come from and make educated decisions to bring a breath of fresh air into your daily life.